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How Long?

Is it really so difficult ?
What’s with all that nervousness?
That pounding heart, that heavy breath,
That feeling of a chill running down the spine?

Is it really so difficult to concentrate?
To write a MSG, to write a mail;
To say what you mean,
Without restrain!

And is it really so difficult,
To act ur age?
One moment-smile at everyone,
The next – sway with rage!

Oh why so difficult to control
The ecstasy from her single word?
Or the feeling of despair and sorrow
When it comes but comes a little late!

Who will help you? Who will understand?
Who will decipher the meaning of ur state?
My friend , how
Long will you suffer alone,
Till your Longingness for her abate?


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Ouch! Painful.. Wasn’t it?
Nevertheless I tried!
N now it’s time not to think
And start the Absinthian Weekend
With a trip to Brotzeit, perhaps
Then a night of hallucinations
While the Green angel guides me
On my Romantic quest!

Oh wait, did I forget
Lightyear is waiting to delight me,
9:40 sharp. Tonight !
Too much to do. Too much to drink
And it’s just 1 Friday night!

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Pangs of Love

The pangs of love,
The pain of their strikes
The feeling of discontent
The endless desires

Painful it is
And is addictive
For the pleasure of the pain
Is sweeter than anything

The feeling of when
The heart feels alive
When u hear another voice in urself
Relentless until She is found!

Ah the sweet pain
And how I fail to notice
When it overtakes my senses
And makes me helpless

Oh! The Pangs of love!

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