So Why Do We Disappear?

Pause a moment to behold the pace of the world we live in. The flurry of IM and Social Networking sites have ensured that we are never void of information and remain updated of the whereabouts of all our friends at all times.

From the other perspective, we are always on the radar. Our every event, every happening, every emotion , every state is shared, at all times. We cant help it; we are the victims and the propagators of this epidemic.

And then comes a time, a situation that makes us long for the bliss of solitude. Either from the world or from specific persons. A love for privacy. Away from the eys and ears of this ever intrusive environment.

And hence, we disappear. Off the radar. To recuperate. To nurse our wounds – our fragile state. And for as long as possible, away from the world’s glare.

We all have done it. Haven’t We? Only to be back again.


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