The ISS Letter

The site will be taken down soon, and I wanted to keep this letter. Not a great piece of work, but like evrything in this blog, my own work.****

Dear Participants,  Judges and Sponsors,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the A*STAR NTU IEEE ScienceSymposium (ISS) 2010 being organised by the NTU IEEE Students’ Chapter in collaboration with A*STAR.

The IEEE Science Symposium is a nation-wide science competition with participation from all tertiary institutions namely Polytechnics and Junior Colleges throughout Singapore. It serves as an encouraging platform for enthusiastic scientific minds to bring forth their ideas through science projects while competing against the best among their peers. ISS has received a tremendous response from Junior Colleges in the first four years of its inception. The event provides a one-of-its kind exposure with the highly qualified faculty of NTU and other eminent guests from the world of technology, judging the science projects. In ISS 2010, I especially welcome the first time participants from Polytechnics and look forward to seeing some amazing and ground breaking research papers from them. 

At ISS, every year we strive to break the highest standards set by the contestants from the previous year and hence, have maintained an excellent quality of research papers that make it to the Grand Finals. With a tremendous increase in the number of participants this year, I look forward to some intense competition in both the Polytechnics and JC sections, and am confident that the judges at the finals will be enthralled by the inventions and research by our participants

Please use this website as a single point of reference for all information related to the competition. You are encouraged to join the forums on the group’s Facebook page and join in the discussion related to the event. You may also wish to contact any of the organizing committee members provided in the Contact Us section of the website, regarding any queries related to the event.

Looking forward to your participation.

Let’s Re-Invent Science!

Best Regards,
Rohit Ashwini Kumar,
President, A*STAR ISS 2010.


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