The Future That I cannot See!

It is december. I have two jobs, both decent, yet there is a sense of uncertainity looming over my future. Interest is clashing with priorities; Passion is clashing with rationality. At this momentous hour of my life, I remain confused, divided. Unable to steer clear of many paths that depict my Future.
Where shall I go? There is my core, which I am good at. There is finance where I want to be good at. And there is strategic intelligence and geo-politics which seduces my intellect every passing hour.

They say the more a person learns, the better it is for his development. I agree, but alas, time and age dont permit me to engage in everything.

If only the day had more than 24 hours, if only the year had more than 365 days.. if only I had more than 1 copy of myself.

Its a dark uncertain future. And I ll take the leap nevertheless. I have to. I am a man bound by time and circumstances, afterall.


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