Weird Stuff Cont.

Here as I Stand in this train, I look around the compartment and my eyes rest on a variety of emotions and faces. But what I am looking for is a face of love.

The face of love is defined not by composure, calmness and happiness. It’s the face of the lone person looking around for a mate, a face of anguish of longingness, with lines of boredome crisscrossing it. The eyes with a hopeful look, yet immersed in an ocean of loneliness. And yet to the bystander. a look of casual indifference.

The face is not to be found as far a I can see. Station in and station out, new faces pour in, but rarely do I find one that carries the look I am curious about.

I sigh deeply, and walk towards the door. And in that moment, my eyes glance upon something that I had been looking for all along. I find a face so filled with the aura of carelessness that one would mistake it for indifference to the world. The forehead lies calm as if in eternal peace. Yet the eyes sing a different tune altogether. There is so much pain hidden there, that given a chance they would rain down tears endlessly. There is a permanent search for someone, as there is a frustration with solitude. There is a thirst in them that can be satisfied by only another person that it is seeking. Without doubt , it is the look of love.

They who seek others, find it was their self that they were looking for!



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  1. Pavani

    Good Stuff!

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