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Rise in Love!

More crazy stuff from my mid-teens! this one’s when i was 16!

The morning dawned on the eastern sky,
The orangish hue spread over the earth,
I saw your face in the rising sun,
Which smiled at my life and thus increased its worth.

Just before a while had I dreamt a dream,
Where you n I hold hand in hand
Walking along in the moonlight,
Over the warm waves and cooling sand.

And when I woke up,I still saw you,
Standing at the threshold of my door
Telling me that my love for you,
No doubt,in all cases was absolutely pure.

Then I woke upto reality and found,
A golden gleam coming in my window through
I said to myself”This is a morning dream,
it is bound to be true”

True,it will be,
If only you understand the condition of my heart,
I live for you,I die for you,
What more can I say on my part?

You are my friend,
Don’t you say that a thousand times a day,
But  you couldn’t understand your friend’s emotions,
That is the reason for my dismay.

I am infected by a deadly disease,
Love-Which is its deadly name,
It kills in a man’s body,
The precious words-“Name and  Fame”.

But was I responsible alone,
To bear the cause of this?
Who told you to be so beautiful,
Much more than a man could wish!

There are others who are but,
Masters in this love game,
They see a girl,they flirt a day,
The next day,they forget her name.

Unfortunately,I am not,
In this game,an experienced player,
When I love a girl,I do so,
In my heart,at the deepest layer.

I promise you all the happiness,
A woman could desire for,
I promise you fame you would get,
Which even royal queens dream for.

I cannot bring the moon for you,
But I promise to bring you some of its dust,
I can conquer time for you,
If only in me you trust.

You want to test these promises?
Test it,with time to your heart content,
I say it again;and again will I say,
My promises will never be bent.

Think again and give your cruel heart,
A good little shove,
I advise you,don’t fall with me,
But with me, you Rise in Love!


Credit goes to Shraddha Das for preserving this for so long.



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