For my Princess-crazy stuff :)

I sit there day by day,

As the weeks and months while away’

To catch a glimpse of you’

Which may, in me, lift these clouds of dismay.

He told me once, long ago,

To palaces of marbles, thy ought not go;

Never in history, never in future,

Stories of beggars and princesses grow.

Yet the day I saw you walk this road,

And that look upon me, which you but throwed,

And the magic that passed when your eyes met mine,

This sleepy soul, to life it roared.

And till this day, that image of your face,

Shining with beauty, teeming with grace,

Those beady eyes; those quivering lips,

The fairness of it beyond any praise.

My humble heart survives on it,

My humble eyes, every moment, want to feast on it;

So in dreams I lay, day after day,

If not real, to imagine seeing it.

You live behind the closed, guarded Wall,

And, not I know, whom you meet in the Hall;

And, not i know, the lands afar

Meet you in your day and dreams, whose princes and all

Not I know whom you admire,

Not I know whose life you wish to share,

But with wet eyes to Heavens i look up “That life

May, once be mine” says my solemn prayer.

If, by your will, shall you come to me,

The power of love, the world shall see,

Not only the world, but even the moon,

Conquer shall I, only for thee.

The mountains, the forests and orchards and land,

Yours shall be the sea and the sand,

The glittering stars shall brace your flowing hair,

While, in love, we walk hand in hand.

Yet today, i lay on this dust,

And wait even for a gust

Of wind which had caressed, once, your hair,

Come to me and describe your beauty just.

And with some persuasion, it shall bring to me

The scent of your body, the fragrance of thee,

Which like elixir, shall I take in

To live a day more, for you to see.

Each passing day, on this road, I waste away

Just because, once, you passed this way;

Come to me and give me life,

Before death on me, its charm may lay.

And as darkness blinds my eyes, I say

With weak words, as i live my last day;

Princess, the pleasure of pain of being in your love

Was sweeter than honey, brighter than sun’s ray.



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3 responses to “For my Princess-crazy stuff :)

  1. Pavani

    ”There is nothing as love.Its all harmones”-as quoted by Rohit Ashwini Kumar

  2. Rohit

    i like this one

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