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The Way it is- My life

this has happened before!
and I know it will happen again.
as I try to reach the peak, I will fall
and fall
until I hit rock bottom
Only to start climbing again
And reach sumthing quite different
that I set out to achieve!

school: 4-5-6—7-8-9-10—- Kota(instead of BJB)

Kota: q2-p2—P3-A4—-NTU(not IIT)

NTU: 1st sem—-1.2,2.1,2.2,3.1—-???

the ??? is what I am waiting for. where I will take my life. amsure it won’t end up where I want it to. but will it end up for better or worse- that’s what I wanna see, that’s what I look forward to.

Those who know me will perhaps understand what I’m saying. Those who don’t:Am sry, it’s another uninteresting post on my blog!

take care!



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