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Getting High ..on the rain!

She said: God is angry ! He is punishing us .

I said: God is Happy and He is blessing us!

and it went on for another hour.

After the endless debate, when I finally was with myself, I set off. In that light drizzle with  the mist descending and the coolness settling in the surroundings; and  with my ears plugged in to “pehli baar mohabbat ki hai”, I walked on. Into Magic. into a dream. Into Rain.

The drops were small, and the breeze was gentle. The roads below glistened and the passing  cars sliced the small streams criss-crossing them. The trees silently drank in the mist as their branches dripped, and their foliage quivered. Serene and Beautiful. No one else around.

Was it just an hour ago that I was steeped deep down in uncertainty ? About tomorrow. The next week. And the Uncertainties ahead?Was I actually looking for answers to a thousand questions? Was I actually frowning for the better part of the night?

Its not that I got the answers to those thousand questions in that thin downpour. Its just that I stopped caring. Coz as it fell and touched, the rain made me realise, no matter what happens a week from now, no matter who deserts me later on, it would always be there as long as I was alive. It would always come down to soothe me, refresh me and love me. To make me feel, if no human did,  special.

May be that made me happy, to know I will always have someone. A little too happy, in fact.  There was a smile on my lips. On my heart. My walk changed, from the slow monotonous  stroll.  From the pavement onto the road. As I balanced myself on the single white line, while  cars whizzed past on both sides. It felt light, much the same way after downing two tequilas rapidly. Insane. High on the rain!

btw my favourite rain song is this. I love Rafi’s voice in it!


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