Gone are you!

Every night,

When I sleep alone,

On an empty bed,

And when I, but turn

You are gone.



Its been long

Since you have left,

And yet it seems,

Just the other day,

When you were beside,

And the Warmth

U gave,

Made me feel,



But when you left,

And the Warmth gone,

Cold and long,

The Nights have been.


The Touch is gone,

The Smile is lost,

And like the Meadow,


Its Spring

To bring life again!






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2 responses to “Gone are you!

  1. Someone

    I pity u that you dont feel any of the feelings u mentioned above anymore.I pity that person for whom u must have written this poem.

    Feeling something for someone,its no joke.For advice’s sake-never again in life,feel anything for anyone bcoz when its over-it may not hurt u soo much but for the other person-its killing

    And I know u will delete this comment(like u always do).Go ahead.I wont stop you nor do I care.

  2. Someone

    As if any1 would want to read your blog.Except me and 1 more person(u know who),no one takes the pain to read your blog.

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