why I never wanted to leave Berkeley!!

My trip to berkeley(@UCB) was one of the best journeys of my life! It was an enlightening experience which taught me a lot, right from learning about a plethora of cultures (say for eg the monkey eating habits of Chinese or the cross arm twist beer drinking habit of Germans! ), to learning slangs in as many languages, to knowing one important aspect of all people that no matter what their respective countries stand for, the youth all over the world, stands for and works for just thing-hard core fun!

Apart from all that it taught me,it was the city itself that mesmerised me! I clearly remember the instant I stepped out of that Downtown Berkeley BART station, when it greeted me with a gentle breeze of cool air as the bright sun shone down welcomingly. My friend Joey used to say,the crazy hippies have made sure berkeley still retains the classic feel of the 60’s.Somehow it is this classic touch of Berkeley that struck a chord in my heart! Those lazy green patches, those old buildings, those diverse eateries and its cool people all amazed me! And boy were those evenings beautiful! It is from the International House(where I was staying), located slightly up the hill, you could stare down the Durant Ave and see the sun setting, showering the Bay Area with its blend of reddish-orange hue and sinking into the blueness of the Bay; and right there I could feel my heart saying, that given a option, I could spend my life sitting there, watching this beautiful sunset!

If you do not believe me, check out these pictures!

I will continue this blog later on. Awaiting your comments!

P.S: As you might have guessed, these pictures weren’t taken by me, but by a friend.

Source: Shweta Sangewar’s camera 🙂



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3 responses to “why I never wanted to leave Berkeley!!

  1. nice pics man 🙂 …put up some more

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  3. pavani gulati

    pics r gr8 seriously,and its a very nice piece of writing even….shows how much attached u were to berkeley…or may be u still r dat much attached to it….but still..would hav been a nice experience……

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